Uncover the complicated world of Facebook ads

Here's how to cut through the noise.

We have been in this business for quite some time now and have watched the Facebook algorithm evolve dramatically. For a small business navigating the giant ocean that is the 15M daily Australian Facebook users, reaching your ideal target audience can be tricky under these ever-changing conditions. This is where understanding Facebook Ads becomes essential. 

We believe that there are three core elements which need to be carefully considered and adjusted in order to get the best return on your advertisement.

1.      Content

Before you begin thinking about boosting posts or running likes ads it is essential that your content is relevant, interesting and user friendly. Facebook is successful because it is designed around ensuring that is users have the best possible online experience. Thus, it preferences content which it perceives as being useful or interesting to its users. No amount of ad spend will get poor content off the ground. Prioritise content creation first and ad spend second.

2.     Targeting

Whether you are running a likes ad, boosting a piece of content or trying to drive people to your website, having a clear picture of your target audience should form the backbone of your campaign. Knowing who you want to reach ensures that you don’t simply adopt a ‘spray and pray’ approach where precious advertising dollars will be wasted on broadcasting your content to people who would never be interested in your brand.  

Facebook allows you to target beyond the standard customer demographics. For example, you can target people based on their behavior on other websites and their online interests. Setting up a custom audience which contains individuals with interests in line with your brand, a relevant location, age or gender can be time consuming and tricky but it is integral to the success of a campaign. It is worth spending some time researching your audience, finding Facebook pages relevant to your brand and creating several custom audiences which you can split test as you begin to run Facebook campaigns. When it comes to deciding on the size of your audience, much of the information online relates specifically to the US. In the Australian context, we recommend creating an audience of at least 20K users and no more than 400K users. The size will depend on the nature of the audience and where you are targeting. If you are targeting outside of a big city it is likely that your potential audience will be lower. Just keep in mind that a larger potential audience doesn’t equal a larger reach, it just results in your ad being less targeted.

3.     Goal

Do you want to strengthen brand awareness, promote an offer, increase likes or drive people to your website? By specifying your objective, the Facebook algorithm can work its magic to help you achieve your goal. Without a clearly defined goal you won’t be able to accurately assess the outcome of your campaign – 250 post likes and 2 clicks to site might look like a great result but if your objective is to get people to your website this no longer looks like a success. Boosted posts are definitely a useful tool for brand awareness and social proof but not great for encouraging clicks to website.

Don't forget, Facebook wants your ads to succeed! The better they perform the more likely you will come back and spend more money on future content. Look out for helpful hints and pointers as you work your way through the haze.

We are aware that this all sounds a little daunting. We are here to help! Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you cut through the noise.

Emma Bartlett