Zen your work space

We are firm believers that the space that surrounds you while you work reflects the work you will produce. We are constantly burning divine smelling candles in the office and fresh flowers are on regular rotation. By brightening, tidying and taking pride in the space you work in you are more likely to create work that is bang-on and you are proud of.

So, to simplify and where to begin when it comes to zenning-out your office, have a look at our checklist. These are our own personal essentials for creating the ideal work environment.

1.     We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again – candles. We suggest something creamy-sweet like vanilla, caramel or coconut. If you work in a large cohort start with something that would be inoffensive to most noses. If you work alone then the world is your oyster, choose something wild like orange zest if that’s what you’re into!

2.     Luxury hand cream. Sometimes it hurts the hip-pocket nerve to spend money on something lavish like a fancy hand cream, but when you’re typing all day this stuff could be your savior. If you have client meetings where many hands will be shaken you may also leave a lasting impression.

3.     Your diary or daily-planner. This is an essential whether you’re in or out of the office – buy a diary you love to look at, keep it by your side and make it your best friend, because when life gets busy this little thing will have your back through the hard times.

4.     Your favourite pens. In our office, we all know who needs what type of pen. Kate likes Muji, Nell likes the cheap ball-points from the supermarket, and Emma likes her black gel pens. Your pen choice is part of who you are! Find your soul-pen and never let it go.

5.     Ensure that you have good music playing while you work. To clarify, Metallica may be 'good' in your own time, we recommend something soul-soothing like Leon Bridges if you're working in a diverse office.

6.     Something pretty to look at. The options are endless here. We like having fresh flowers around and bright visuals which match our brand colours - this just reminds us of our core values and vision. 

7.     File your notes and set up a system to keep you organized. This is the pinnacle rule that keeps our team running smoothly. We are constantly ensuring that our office organisation is on its A-game and this means we are up-to-date with our endless to-do list.

8.     Keep snacks on hand because hunger doesn’t tend to produce the greatest work! We are constantly sipping tea and snacking to keep us going. If coffee is your thing, make it something to look forward to rather than chugging back caffeine all day just to keep you going. We love herbal tea, eating loads of fruit, and every now and then we buy sweet treats to share.

9.     A comfortable work chair. We’re sorry to sound like your mother, but posture is important. Save yourself from headaches and backaches – you will thank yourself in the long run.

10.  Finally, our most simple suggestion – dust and declutter. If you regularly throw away unused items and keep your surroundings at a minimum your space will be easier to keep clean. Some offices are lucky enough to have paid cleaners, but if not then just do a simple dust once or twice a week.

Aside from the practical reasons for keeping your office spick and span, we think it’s really, really important to like the space that you work in. Check in with your senses – make sure you like what you see, smell, hear, taste and feel.


Emma Bartlett