Upping the ante: Facebook ads


One out of every five minutes people spend on a mobile phone is devoted to either Facebook or Instagram (or both, if you’re quick enough). That means, if you want your business to capture the attention of a potential customer, you need to be in the know with Facebook Ads. Here’s the lowdown on our top three ad types to move a user from ‘maybe’ to ‘YES PLEASE’.

1.      Video

Over the last few years, Facebook has trended away from solely static images and developed into a video platform. Moving visuals hold more interest with users than still counterparts, gaining more traction and engagement, and therefore pushing video posts to the top of newsfeeds. While videos do demand more production value than a straightforward Photoshop job, they add a dynamic edge to your page brand, giving life to the brand that encourages people to engage with your content.

2.     Canvas

Creative at heart? We have good news for you: thanks to Facebook, it is easier than ever to get inventive with your marketing. In early 2016, Facebook introduced its first full screen ad display ‘Canvas’, offering a new level of brand immersion for users. With the ability to full-screen scroll, swipe through customised sections, engage in 360 degree panoramas, zoom in, tapping for further information and much more, ‘Canvas’ allows your consumer to be absorbed into your brand through a fun, interactive experience.

3.     Lead Ads

No one loves filling out forms, but the process a lot more appealing when it can be done at the touch of a button. A range of industries are tapping into this type of advertisement, from education and finance, to retail and entertainment. Below your ad, an option to click ‘Subscribe’, ‘Enrol’ or ‘Register’ appears, taking users to a short, simple sign up page requiring less than 30 seconds to fill out. The ability to sign customers up on the spot to newsletters, competitions, applications, quotes, offers and much more is a priceless asset to your online business – especially as the more engagement, the bigger your audience!

So that's a wrap! If you are passionate to take your business to a string of opt-ins, affirmativesand super-engaged customers, head over to our handy Facebook Ads guide to up your digital knowhow. 

Emma Bartlett