Our top five takeaways from AREC 2018


We always love attending AREC each year. This is our sixth conference and our fourth running the social media for the event. We have so much freedom at the event to craft the social media and visuals showcasing our creativity and flair, combining the talents of each team member and creating something truly outstanding.

While we are there, we also meet many of our clients past and present, learn from real estate industry greats, learn about challenges and innovation, and come away feeling completely inspired for the next phase of our own business strategy.

Customer expectations are now higher than ever, as we know, a point that was emphasised by Steve Carroll of REA group. Our job as service providers (at Anouska & Co, ours is no different to that of real estate – we too are part of a service industry) is becoming more and more challenging. How do we stand out?

Our top 5 big takeaways from the event:

Peter Fuda: Be of service, not subservient.

Peter made us think about our best business relationships. Ours for sure, are with those with whom we grow. We learn from each other and are inspired as we go. They are also relationships in which we are empowered to share truths with our clients to help them perform better. No space for order takers. This works both ways: feedback from our clients is always welcome and encouraged.

Marty Fox: If what you are doing on social media is nothing, then what you get from social media is nothing.

Eyeballs are on social media, no doubt. Marty and his team have a clear marketing look and feel for their website as well as all digital channels and this works across their company social and personal platforms. We like what they do. And they are consistent.

Michael Sheargold: Let’s focus on making a difference, not a dollar.

If we are clear on our point of difference, which will make us stand out from a ‘sea of sameness’, we need to turn this into a point of value. For our clients, how can they demonstrate their difference and value to clients through all communication channels, be it blog, website, social platforms or internal messaging? Storytelling. This is what we do best.

Tom Panos: Your current situation is not your final destination. Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.

Let’s look after each other. Life can be tough at times and we work in a hugely competitive industry (real estate and communications). If someone seems down, let’s ask if they are okay and show compassion.

One more… we loved Judi O’Dea, ‘social media can be a little bit one dimensional.’ If you feel this way too, get in touch with us. We can help you!

Thanks to AREC and TRET for having us. We had a ball.

Emma Bartlett