Top ten tips to create a powerful LinkedIn presence

LinkedIn is the essential social networking platform for business professionals. It supports a range of interactions from hiring to connecting with future clients to discovering like minded individuals in your industry. Below are our tips for making your LinkedIn presence as strong as possible.

1.      Name Keep it simple. It seems basic, but a surprising number of people make the error of getting creative. Just include your full name and no nicknames.

2.     Headline This is where you can be a bit more creative, use catchy, attention grabbing language but make sure it is still professional and clearly communicates your role. If a more professional approach suits your position, then go with your official title.

3.     Photo Good lighting and ultra sharp focus is key to a high quality display photo. Ideally it should be taken by a professional and you should be positioned either facing forward or turned slightly toward your left shoulder.

4.     Connect Social proof gives you more credibility and authority online. Aim to reach 500 connections, join 50 groups and receive 10 recommendations. Use the size of your real life network as a guide. An authentic network that reflects your activity in the real world will always be most effective.

5.     URL LinkedIn assigns each profile a URL, as this usually includes a cluttering stream of numbers it’s worth taking the time to customise yours. Go to your profile and click ‘edit’ beside ‘public profile’ to clean up your URL. This will also help Google present you earlier in searches.

6.     Optimise for SEO When writing content on your LinkedIn page consider which keywords and phrases will make you more likely to be found online. Keyword load sections such as your skills and expertise, work history and experience.

7.     Focus Endorsements Be selective and only ask for and approve endorsements that are central to how you want to be known and only focus on your top skills. Remember timing here is essential. Ask for endorsements immediately after you have had great interactions with clients and you are front of mind.

8.     Endorse Others It’s great to endorse others but limit yourself to people who genuinely feel deserve your praise. When you recommend others, their behaviour is viewed as an extension of your values.

9.     Selective Sharing Only include content that reflects the core values you offer. Extra detail on your past careers or early work experience can dilute your brand message.

10.   Projects Create reports, research or information downloads which showcase the products and services you offer. Share these in the ‘projects’ section.

What’s next? Now you’ve established the basics, it’s time to start communicating with your network, reflecting your real life ideas values and activity. Unsure where to go from here? Get in touch with one of our experts to help you further.

Emma Bartlett