Advertising on LinkedIn

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The most common gripes about LinkedIn advertising are that it’s too expensive and is ineffective. It’s worth exploring if the two recurring complaints relate to your business. 


LinkedIn is a lucrative platform for advertising with a network of over 500 million usersrepresenting a healthy community of brands and professionals. 


What’s great about LinkedIn ads are that they tend to blend almost seamlessly with any given page and don’t appear spammy. Another point to consider is that LinkedIn has improved tools such as its desktop and mobile app with rich content such as video sharing enabled. 


The negative feedback about LinkedIn advertising could very well be from businesses or marketers who don’t have the products or services suited for advertising on LinkedIn. 


The root cause of this misalignment stems from a lack of understanding of the platform and its users, leading to an unsuccessful campaign as a result of using the wrong ad at the wrong time. 


LinkedIn ads tend to work best for high value B2B marketing, recruiting agencies and higher education marketing. 


LinkedIn for B2B marketing


It’s true that clicks from LinkedIn Ads are more expensive compared to advertising on other social media platforms. That being said, significant returns through LinkedIn campaigns are possible by reserving those costly clicks for high value customers. 


The fact may be that small to mid size companies comprise the majority of your business revenue. However, targeting the few upmarket clients or businesses with LinkedIn can provide the biggest return and in turn justify the cost incurred. 


Accordingly, marketing products and services of high sale value can be an effective way to manage LinkedIn’s higher rate per click.  


The bottom line? Higher costs are easily justifiable when the leads bring far greater value. 


But why LinkedIn?


The key word is lead generation. Of all the social media platforms, marketers have rated LinkedIn #1 for B2B lead generation


When prospective clients or businesses click on your ad, Lead Gen forms are automatically populated with their profile data, which they can submit with a click. This means that you get more accurate information about your leads. 


In this way, Lead Gen Forms which are available for both sponsored InMail as well as sponsored content, easily source a mine of authentic and readily available data allowing leads to be seamlessly converted. 


Incidentally, sponsored content is a lucrative approach as according to LinkedIn’s data sheet, 74 per cent of B2B buyers are inclined to do business with companies that provide useful content. 


In a recruitment context, not only does sponsored content occupy prime real estate appearing in the middle of news feeds, content shared on LinkedIn earns 15 times more responses compared to job postings on user feeds! 


Sponsored InMail on the other hand, allows sponsored content to be sent via LinkedIn’s direct messaging service to any of the LinkedIn’s 500 million users along with features to choose highly targeted users. 


For more information on the best approach to generate leads for your brand, please get in touchwith one of our strategists.

Emma Bartlett