Review: Roxy's Little Black Book of Tips and Tricks

roxys little black book blog.jpg

Australia’s PR queen Roxy Jacenko first three books have been ‘guilty pleasure’ style works of fiction. The latest, however, is in true Roxy character, a no holds barred guide drawn from her personal experiences setting up and successfully running three PR companies. 


She offers this handy little volume as means to give back to all her fans and followers who have seen through all her ups and downs. 


In less than 150 pages the book offers start to finish industry insider advice covering everything from mastering the art of the email to how to curate a killer Instagram feed.


The book is broken down to five distinct sections - Career, Business, PR, Social Media and Life – each succinctly driving home the point with few words to spare. 


Easily digestible content is spread across these five segments that stand alone individually for quick and easy reference when a fresh dose of inspiration is needed.


The book doesn’t simply instruct but exemplifies with narratives on how she relied on intuition, common sense and above all an unbreakable work ethic. 


At times, what the book spells out can seem self evident, for instance the ‘Ten things that require zero talent’, which covers everything from being on time to not doing the bare minimum (instead, go that extra mile!).  But the pointed phrasing does make you sit up and take note and even reflect on where you might be erring.   


Known for her social media savvy, it’s no surprise that Roxy has plenty to say on the topic. She stresses the escalating importance of social media and the need to embrace the changing face of PR and marketing, rather than holding on to how things used to be. 


When it comes to any business venture or employment opportunity her underlying ethos is passion - if you’re not in it for the long haul with a willingness to get your hands dirty, step aside – there are plenty lined up to fill your shoes. 


She drives home the point harder addressing those who have the inclination to lounge around and relax: ‘if that’s what you love, then go for it. Only you can decide what you want to achieve in life. We all have the same amount of time available to us each day.’


Point taken Roxy!


Whether you are looking for some direction for your new venture or simply looking for motivation, this small book certainly packs a punch!

Emma Bartlett