Social media trends for 2019

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There’s no doubt that social media plays an increasingly significant role in our lives, particularly in the way we interact with brands. Savvy businesses whether individual-run online stores or major global brands, targeting audience segments through social media have had a revolutionary impact on and effectively changed the face of marketing.


Needless to say, staying on top of the various changes that social media platforms introduce (and they are constantly evolving) can make a huge difference to the way you do business. Whether you are an influencer or social media marketer, see what Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Snapchat have in store for 2019.   



Stories feature is here to stay 

Initially introduced by Snapchat, Stories is a feature that has taken the social media landscape by storm. 


It is estimated that close to a billion usersacross Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat are favouring the in-the-moment visual nature of Stories and its set to surpass the more text based feeds as the primary mode of sharing information.


The photo and video sharing platform, Instagram has successfully employed the Stories feature and the Facebook owned platform reached a global total of one billion monthly users in June this year.  


Interestingly, The Guardian experienced a revelation with their Instagram stories. An analysis of its audience data revealed that not only did Stories draw more followers than the static posts, off the cuff Stories performed far better than any heavily produced and expensive professional video content.   


Although traditional businesses may shy away from smartphone created content that is consumed on the fly, young marketers and buyers gravitate towards it.  



Social ad budgets on the rise


2018 saw an increase in social ad budgets, so much so that one in every four Facebook pages now use paid media. More and more of these advertisements are becoming personalised and entertaining, rather than typical banner ads that flood the newsfeed or even spam consumers. These ads succeeded in sparking conversation. 


It seems that the days of impersonal and invasive ads are fading away to be replaced by engaging, gifs, images and videos designed to draw in users and engage them in discussion. Facebook has proved a very viable platform to accomplish just that. LinkedIn is set to follow suit introducing LinkedIn Dynamic Ads that allows personalised paid ad content and generate authentic discussions amongst consumers. This ties in with brands and marketers desire to break down barriers and emphasise on building brand trust. 


Building trust


Given the rather controversial year social media networks, in particular Facebook, navigated in 2018 there’s growing mistrust amongst users around data privacy and personal information sharing.  


Smart brands as a result must counter this negative sentiment by focusing on effectively building authority and integrity as a core component of their marketing strategy.  


Instead of targeting consumers with ads and promotional content there’s growing emphasis on personal branding for team members, which has proved effective especially for small businesses.


One of the commonplace approaches is to promote a leader or business owner’s personal brand by way of podcasts, webinars and guest blogging. A brand can strengthen its reputation by revealing the personality and expertise of its owner and a humanised brand comes across as relatable and garners more trust. 


Facebook reveals trending topics 


Facebook just released a new 33-page report on key trendsto watch in 2019. This is a culmination of a year’s worth of research based on its monthly features ‘Topics to Watch’ and ‘Hot Topics’ as well as ‘the full universe of topics that grew from January 2017 to October 2018 on Facebook’. These findings across billions of conversations are further supported by perspectives of leading industry experts, credible media sources and third party research. 


What this means is that marketers can pick up on potential shifts across topics which have been grouped into distinct categories namely, Beauty & Fashion, Commerce, Entertainment, Food & Drink, Mind & Body, Science & Technology and Travel & Leisure. For instance, purchase decisions across beauty, fashion and travel spheres increasingly reflect environmentally consciousness consumer behaviour.    


Identifying these patterns will in turn help prepare for the year ahead and influence choices related to product development, creative strategy and marketing campaigns. 


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Emma Bartlett