What's with the bananas?

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Ever had a banana in your bag and opened it to find your nicely packed lunch ruined with just about every inch infused with its pungent aroma (think banana fragrant salad – bleurgh right?). 


If you happen to poke around on our website (if you haven’t, please do!), you might have come across a rather unusual pattern on our team profiles. 


We’ve all ended on a ‘how we like our bananas’ note. 


We are quick and eager to get to the bottom of how newbies on our team prefer theirs – yes eager (see how we appreciate the little things?). 


So, how did it all begin? Harking back to the pungent bit, it’s quite understandable that immaculate Emma is erm, quite particular (‘frikken picky’ to quote her) about banana eating within the four walls of our office space. 


One fine banana aroma riddled day led to a rather riveting conversation about banana preferences amongst us and it seems we are all quite demanding when it comes to the poor banana. Julia for instance can’t stand them (a little harsh Julia?).


So, we feel we owe it to the humble banana to dig a little deeper and dedicate some virtual wall space to the humble fruit. 


Here are some ‘did you knows’ and fun facts to mull over.  


The banana got its name from the from Arabian traders who referred to it as ‘banan’ which really means finger – bananas were quite small back then and are believed to have originated from the jungles of South East Asia. 


The first bananas arrived in Australia in the 1800s but they have a history that dates back to 500 BC! Think of all the ancestors who have devoured bananas or wrinkled their noses at it long before you did. 


Bananas have come a long way thanks to cross breeding and look very different to the original fruit, which was filled with large seeds and little flesh. 


Today bananas are the most popular fruit in the world with 100 billion bananas consumed every year!(take that Julia!) They are also grown the world over covering 150 countries. 


Contrary to popular belief the banana fruit doesn’t grow on trees. The ‘tree’ is really a plant with a stem that doesn’t turn woody. 


What’s the best fruit source for Vitamin B6 which you need to boost immunity, for better brain function and healthy levels of red blood cells? You guessed it - the banana. 


As for the phrase ‘go bananas’, it seems to have dubious origins around 1960s American College slang. 


Intrigued? Here’s more on the banana storyand fun facts

Clearly the fruit has a lot going for it.


Amongst us at A&Co, our banana preferences range from particular degree of ripeness, just on its own to not at all. 


How do you like your bananas? We really want to know! Reach us at info@anouskaco.com.au

Emma Bartlett