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Smartphones give us the ability to do a million things through the one device. Whether it’s listening to music, sending emails, communicating, navigating or calculating, our phone really can do it all! 

At Anouska & Co, we’re often doing a million things at once. When we’re out dashing between properties, interviewing people, writing killer copy and creating social media content, we love finding apps that help our busy lives run smoothly. These apps are lifesavers for any journalist, writer or busy professional. 


1.      Waze

This isn’t your standard navigation app. Waze crowdsources information from its users to give them the most accurate traffic information possible and was recently bought by Google for just under $1 billion.

Users can report traffic cameras, police officers and cheaper petrol prices. The app is also integrated with Spotify so Waze users can listen to music while navigating and also get directions while picking their perfect playlist.  

We love Waze because it gives us the best route to get to all of our appointments. When we’re busy we can’t afford to be stuck in traffic, and Waze always knows the backstreets and shortcuts that can give us the extra time we need. 

2.     Pocket

Pocket is a free app that lets you download content from all over the internet to read even when your phone doesn’t have an internet connection. 

It has heaps of other handy features too, such as the ability to edit text settings to make things easier to read and an estimate of how long it will take to read something. 

We often find we have stacks of articles or pieces that we’d love to sink our teeth into but don’t necessarily have the time for. The ability to save online content to access later without an internet connection is perfect for when you’re stuck on the train with nothing to do, as well as a great way to preserve reads that you want to come back to. 


3.     Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s a mobile scanner. Scanner Pro uses your phone’s camera to read a document and turn it into a digital copy. 

Through the camera, Scanner Pro reads the document and turns it into a readable format. You can scan something in colour or black and white and edit the document in the app.

The digital copies Scanner Pro produces are much higher in quality and easier to read than a photo taken on your phone’s camera, and super handy when you’re on the go and need to scan something. As we’re often out of the office, we find it’s much more convenient to be able to scan documents just using our phones.


4.     TapeACall

For anyone conducting a phone interview, this is the app for you. TapeACall, unlike the inbuilt Voice Memo feature on an iPhone, lets you tape phone conversations while you’re having them and saves the recording for you.

Just hit the big red button on the home screen of the app. This starts a phone call with the TapeACall service. Leaving them on hold, call the person you wish to interview. When they’ve answered and agreed to have their conversation with you recorded, just merge the two calls and you’re in business. When the call ends TapeACall will have your interview recorded and ready for playback. 

This app does have a free version, but we recommend expanding to the paid version, as the free iteration of the app will only record one minute of audio per conversation. It’s endlessly handy for us as it lets us conduct our interviews with the confidence that we have the ability to listen back to the conversation to make sure we get our facts 100 per cent correct. 


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Emma Bartlett