Benefits of a boutique marketing agency

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Conventional wisdom suggests that bigger is always better, but when it comes to marketing agencies, often that’s not the case. We’re proud to be a boutique agency, with a team made up of carefully selected experts in the fields of marketing strategy, copywriting and social media. 


Our intimate set up and close knit team enables us to provide the kind of quality and personalised service that only a boutique agency can provide. We thought we’d outline for you just some of the reasons why a boutique copywriting agency can be the better choice. 


The ultimate advantage of engaging with a boutique agency is the level of personalised service we’re able to provide. When you engage with us, you engage directly with the people who are helping to develop your marketing strategy, creating the content and sharing it with the world. This establishes a clear line of communication and means we have a greater level of accountability to our clients and to ourselves. 


Working with a smaller agency means we develop a real connection with our clients, allowing us to share in their vision and have a personal stake in their goals. We work with our clients not just because we value their business, but also because we believe in their vision and want to help them achieve their aims. 


We get to know you, your brand and your team. 


The team at Anouska & Co are highly empathetic, sociable people, meaning we listen to our clients and are able to internalise and replicate their vision for their brand, meaning the content we produce is authentic and accurately represents the true ‘voice’ of our clients to the world. 


Our productivity is another point of pride for us as a boutique agency. Because we’re a smaller organisation, we’re able to turn work around faster. We’re also better able to be flexible because we’re easier to reach and our process is tailored to the needs of our clients, not to a higher management structure.  


Do you want your social media and copywriting done by people who have a keen understanding of your desires, can respond quickly to requests and have the flexibility to keep up with you? Get in touch at

Emma Bartlett