Our social media consultation process

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The world of social media can often feel overwhelming if you’re not overly familiar with the ins and outs of digital marketing. Today it’s essential that a business has a robust social media presence, so if you’re at a loss, turn to the professionals for help. 


At Anouska & Co, we offer one hour social media consultations as part of our initial development of a strategy with our clients. These consultations are multifaceted in depth explorations of how we can maximise your social media to reach the widest ideal audience. 


But what exactly do our consultations entail? Whether we are working on your personal brand or your business’s or an amalgamation of the two, we thought we’d give you a breakdown of exactly how we examine a social media footprint and our method of making recommendations. 

Prior to the appointment, we look at your social media output thus far alongside that of your competitors or other people in your field. This is to assess what’s working and what isn’t on your social media, as well as what yields success for others, both within your field and outside.  


At the consultation itself, we sit down with the client and discuss exactly what you want to achieve through your social media presence. What are your objectives and how will you measure success? There are many different ways of building a social media presence and our approach must be tailored both to the personality and the desired outcomes of our client. 


Do you want to attract new business, build relationships with fellow members within your industry or promote your current work? Do you want to increase engagement with prospective customers and colleagues? Would you like prepared content or to base your content on audience feedback?   


What’s your tone of voice? We will discuss the individual personality and persona you want to communicate through your social media channels, whether that be strictly professional or more personal, intimate or a blend of the two. 


It’s also important to establish what kind of media our clients want on their socials, whether it be photos, videos, memes or live streamed content. Once we’ve established the kind of content to produce, we can consider which social media platforms would be most effective for promoting your personal brand and how we will create the visuals. After all some of the most popular platforms such as Instagram are highly visual focused, so we focus on how you can build your media library.


Our next step is to help you create a calendar or schedule for social media posting. Having a regularly maintained social media presence is important, but it’s also vital to strike the balance between being a consistent presence on your followers’ feeds and inundating them with content. 

Is quality or quantity going to work better for you? It’s a finely calibrated process, calculated based on the variety of content we’re producing, the type of content and the engagement patterns of your audience. 


Interested? Get in touch with us to book in your consultation at info@anouskaco.com.au.  

Emma Bartlett