Our top takeaways from AREC 2019

AREC 2019 team.jpg

The Anouska & Co team were back at AREC this year, running the social media for the event for the fifth time. It was a scintillating two days of insights and advice with applications not just in real estate, but in business and life in general. 

All of the 20 incredible speakers offered valuable experience and tips to become better businesspeople, with a particular emphasis on continuously maintaining your database and finding your ‘why’. We were given a lot to ponder over the weekend, but here are five points that stood out in particular: 


1.      Don’t change your dream, change your strategy

This tidbit came from Todd Duncan, a business coach and former real estate agent. He discussed how throughout his long career which involved both massive success as a real estate agent and novelist but a failed leadership business, he found that his goals were never unrealistic or undesirable, but the method by which he wanted to achieve them was. It was a valuable reminder of us to never lose sight of our objectives but be willing to be flexible about how we go about them.

2.     Success is the product of daily habits

We were blown away by the presentation from James Clear, an author and entrepreneur who overcame the impact of a traumatic head injury one baby step at a time. He shared with us how he discovered that transforming your life doesn’t happen in huge swoops, but in small incremental shifts in your behaviour. It’s inspired us to commit ourselves to making a small effort every day to improve the way we do business and life in general. 

3.     Whatever industry you’re in, you’re in the ‘people business’

Michael Pallier is an agent in Sydney’s North Shore, specialising in top end property. He credits his professional reputation to a people first approach, always going above and beyond for his clients to help them achieve their real estate goals. This is right in line with our philosophy to client relationships at Anouska & Co, and reminded us how important it is to never lose sight of the human aspect of our work. 

4.     Don’t get busy being busy

It can be easy to get caught up in the minutiae of working life, but Sydney agent Sonya Treloar reminded us how getting stuck on the little things is a productivity trap. Yes, the little things are important, but they’re not the whole story, and you end up not being able to see the wood for the trees. She helped us to focus on how our big picture goals should always be a key consideration in everything we do. 

5.     We can transform our fear into excitement – the chemicals are the same

Day one of AREC closed out with a rock star presentation from drummer and motivational speaker Mark Schulman, whose goal is to help people apply a ‘rock star mindset’ to whatever industry they’re in. One of his points was about how perception plays such a huge role in our experience of our lives. The chemicals that create the feeling of fear and excitement in our brains are identical, but our perception influences our emotional response to that chemical. If we focus on the positive aspects of nerve wracking experiences, we can turn our fear into excitement and create a positive experience from a negative one. 


We’re so energised after our AREC experience and all the amazing wisdom we were lucky enough to gain. Check out the @arecconference Instagram feed and the AREC Facebook page for more from all the AREC speakers.  

Emma Bartlett