Which plant is right for your office?

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In the last few years, indoor plants have become a huge trend, with everyone’s home and office suddenly teeming with houseplants. Much has been made of the benefits of having plants indoors, from cleaning the air to improving your concentration to just beautifying your space


In keeping with this, we recently acquired our own plant, and have been doting on it with the amount of love and care usually reserved for members of our families. However, in spite of our best efforts, it started to wilt and look sadder every day. Obviously distraught, we turned to the lifesaving green thumbs at our local nursery, and they have helped us restore our plant to her former good health. 


We realised then that we hadn’t been adequately considering how our office environment was affecting our plant, and how we needed to find a space more tailored to its needs. So, we thought we’d put together some tips on how to pick the right plant for your office environment. 


First consider the amount of light in your office. Light is important to all plants to some degree, but each plant will need different amounts of natural light from others. If it’s bright and sunny, you’re better off considering hardier indoor plants that will thrive in direct sunlight. Consider some succulents or a ponytail palm. If there’s less natural light, think about a Zanzibar gem or a peace lily


Another important aspect to plant care is how often you’re able to take care of the plant. As we’re racing around to properties or meetings all day, often there will be days where none of us are in the office, which means a plant that needs tending to every single day isn’t the right choice for us. For people with super busy schedules, try a plant that’s low maintenance. If you can afford to spend a little more time on plant TLC, maybe experiment with something that’s a little harder to maintain.   

Other environmental factors will affect how your plant thrives in the office too. Our plant was suffering in our office partly as a result of us constantly turning on the heater, which caused it to become dehydrated. Can you buy a humidifier for the office? Does the plant need a little bit more water every day than it otherwise might? Think about how you might need to amend your plant’s care based on changes to its surroundings. 


The approach you take to looking after your plant may need to change over time. If it’s looking a little droopy, try moving it into a sunnier spot for a couple of days. If it’s starting to dry out too fast, put it in the shade or water it more regularly. If its leaves are starting to discolour, you may be watering it too often.   

Having plants in the office can provide a lot of ambience and contribute positively to the atmosphere of the space. With a little bit of thought and care, you too can develop your green thumb. 

And if you don’t have any luck there – there’s always fake plants! 

Emma Bartlett