EMMA Bartlett

Emma Bartlett


As owner and founder, Emma’s key role is to ensure that Anouska & Co remains strategically on point as a front-runner in the industry. With over 15 years of real estate sales experience, a marketing and management background from the UK and a wealth of industry knowledge, Emma’s focus is on monitoring business trends and optimising development opportunities for the team.  

Originally Emma made her way to Australia for a change of scenery from South West England. Never one to do things by halves, Emma travelled straight to rural and outback Australia and commenced her temporary vocation of running camel tours in the desert. Eventually making her way down to Melbourne, Emma studied creative writing and communications at Monash University and founded Anouska & Co.  

With an affinity for working with people, stellar copywriting abilities and a hunger for perpetual learning, Emma found herself drawn toward the dynamic professional communications industry. A firm believer in the powerful effect of one’s surroundings, Emma has developed a notable network of clients, supporters and mentors. She attributes the ease to which she manages her extraordinary schedule to these incredible people and the team at Anouska & Co.

Things that make Emma smile:

Those who take thorough notes (seriously, she’s a fanatical note-taker), nature, early mornings, a day strolling through art galleries, finding inspiration in unlikely places, scented candles and English Breakfast tea.  

How Emma likes her bananas:

Just turned yellow, no black bits, no powdery texture. Emma is as fussy about her bananas as she is immaculate in her work ethic.