With an innovative sway and a technical aptitude, Josh can make visual magic happen at the drop of a hat. Our clients watch as their brand comes alive through image and film in a way that allows their audience to see the personality of their organisation – this is what Josh is most passionate about.

With a tertiary background from Deakin, Josh brings enthusiasm, fresh ideas and a sound understanding of media conception to the table. Photography is how Josh likes to channel his creativity and has received highly recognised awards for his work. With an attention to fine detail, Josh strives for the greatest success. Josh is a pleasure to collaborate with and continually impresses with the final results of his work.

Josh is naturally a positive, motivated and proactive kinda guy – he gets things done with an exceptional ability to stay organised and focused.

Things that make Josh smile:

The mighty Tiges, exploring new places, making his own travel videos with friends (drones included, Josh is a mastermind when it comes to filming technology) and trying new restaurants.

How Josh likes his bananas:

In a smoothie. Blended to the perfect consistency – not too thick, not too runny.